This patch was issued on February 13th, 2013.

New ContentEdit



Function ItemsEdit


Game UpdatesEdit

  • Multilingual option (beta version)
  • Improved sound system
  • Game font changed
  • Avatar system added

Changes & BalancingEdit

  • Increased magazine size for the QBZ95 assault rifle from 20/80 to 30/90
  • Deleted controversial graphic contents in the map Syria.
  • Melee attacks now require 2 hits to the body in full health and 1 one hit for a headshot.


  • Fixed bug where melee attack was not possible when holding the QBZ95 assault rifle.
  • Fixed bug where a button with no text appeared in the 'Inventory' after clicking the 'ITEM' button.
  • Fixed bug where players receive only 1 Server Radio item when 20 was gifted.
  • Clan Masters can now withdraw clan members who are offline.
  • Fixed bug where players could not join a clan after leaving another clan.
  • Fixed graphical bug where text and buttons were not aligned due to monitor resolution.


Due to a long maintenance, Webzen decided to give compensation items to the players.