Bug War is a yet unreleased Gamemode that was first officially announced in Arctic Combat on April 9th. It will be released on April 18th.

Bug War

Defense Mode Objectives.

Objective: These monsters will be moved by the Nice group of nuclear devices to destroy the Arc Base and consuming energy neutrons from a nuclear device company group.

Room Info:.

- 1-4 Player.

- Can't Join room after Start Mission.

- Reward is based on Level.


Unlimited time when you kill all the monsters that come out every day. We will see the new monsters into the next round soon. Terms of the game to end on. With the power of the group to 0 nuclear device or stop all attacks and kills the monster Challenge Round: - All monsters will be around 15.

- Each with a maximum 1.30 minutes.


The ultimate goal is for nuclear. HP is not moving, but has provided a target item which has a value of 0 if the HP will be able to finish the game. The size of the plants. Considered as a unit and designed to fly high. The concrete must be deposited in a strong, strong. The object is to get the Damage is based on the amount of damage.

Support Item.

Rewards for playing in PVE.

Box reward.

- If a shot falls, it will be shot back up again from the supply box (the shot) was Respawn the map.

- Can be obtained immediately. If an item is dropped in the area around Box reward.

- Thousands of bullets. Can not spare ammunition. If during your shot. If the full state. It will not be able to add any more to get up, even if only 1 Box reward is received, it will be lost.

- Reservations can only be used firearms, ammunition and weapons will not throw you.

Machine Gun M249.

- Severe attack and the shooting continued. The strong and powerful. Can not be used as the barrel is too hot.

Rocket AT-4.

- Each time the end of the wave will appear at the same location.

Special Item.

Special Item for the PVE mode if the mission can be collected from Kill monsters to get the update by Kill has been killed.


Incendiary Bomb.

- Skill that can be received each time a 30 kill. Will receive an Incendiary Bomb attack a child.

Not unique to the Cluster Grenade, Bomb, Hellfire, Helicopter support.

Cluster Grenade.

- Skill that can be received each time a 90 kill. Cluster Grenade is not a skill I Cluster.

- No repeat on the Cluster Grenade, Bomb, Hellfire, Helicopter support.

Bomb support.

- If the Bomb to support agreements that will provide back up in the slot of the player as soon as you blow up a slot in the player, it will not be back up again.


Incendiary Bomb: bomb kills.


Cluster Grenade: Explosive Shot.


Bomb Support:Artillery Support




BODY:High 1.5 m., Wide 2 - 2.5 m



Attack Power:Low/Close Range Attack

Special Skill:~NONE~

Details:Monster was the first that is leading the attack. Not have any special status, but there are a number of attacks in each round of massive amounts of ice can.

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