Arctic Combat G3
Cost None
Restrictions Default
Type Assault Rifle


Ammunition 30/90
Damage Unknown missing/weapondamage
Precision Unknown missing/weaponprecision
Fire Rate Unknown missing/weaponfirerate
Stability Unknown missing/weaponstability
Mobility Unknown missing/weaponmobility
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope RedDot
Wikipedia H&K G3

Considered as one of the four major military rifles in the world, this assault rifle's low firing rate is more than compensated by high firepower and superb stability.
— Ingame Description 

The G3 is the default Assault Rifle in the game.


It has quite high damage but slightly low fire rate.


  • Damage is on par with most assault rifles
  • Good accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • Default weapon


  • Low/average mobility
  • Low/average fire rate


  • Damage: The damage on the G3 is average for an assault rifle in the game.
  • Spread: The spread on this gun is lower than average than most assault rifles.
  • View Kick (Recoil): The recoil is extremely low on this. This makes this gun attractive to beginners of Arctic Combat.
  • Rate of Fire (ROF): The RoF on this gun is average.
  • Move/Movement/Portability: The mobility for this gun is average to most assault rifles in the game. 
  • Range: The range is average to assualt rifles. It can shoot pretty far but not as far as snipers can. It has a damage dropoff (damage gets lower from targets farther away). 


In real life, the H&K G3 is a battle rifle, which means it shoots in semi-automatic. However, in Arctic Combat, it has low damage for a battle rifle and is in fully automatic rather than in semi-automatic.


For Modifications, see G3/Modification