M4A1 Red Tiger
M4A1 Red Tiger
Restrictions Supply Box
Type Assault Rifle
Features Pre-Attached Eotech
Red Tiger Camo
Ammunition 35/105
Damage Low
Precision Very High
Fire Rate Very High
Stability High
Mobility High
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope Eotech
Wikipedia M4 Carbine

The M4A1 Red Tiger is a rare Assault Rifle obtainable from the AC Supply Box (M4A1 Red Tiger).


The M4A1 Red Tiger is a variant of the M4A1. Since it features the exact same power and fire rate as the regular M4A1, the only enhancements of this weapon are the 5 extra bullets per magazine and its bright red(orange) camo.

Combat InfoEdit

This gun is generally good with medium and close range combat. It's well rounded, so high range combat is also possible, but is harder. This weapon is not advised against snipers, or AK-47's. Due to the high power of other weapons, the M4A1 Red Tiger is outshone, and should be used with caution. 


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
M4A1 M4A1 Red Tiger
M4A1 Blue Marble
M4A1 Gold Dragon
M4 Custom Alien
M4A1 Gorilla
M4A1 Silver
M4A1 AC_Gold
M4A1 A
W Coins
M4A1 Custom


  • Contrary to its name, the weapon is not actually red. It appears a nice Orange in the game.
  • This weapon was voted most Over-rated by the majority of arctic combat players.